Passion Flights

JD Cover    Jim and fellow pilots

Here’s a photo taken with his friends/pilots at BBP just before his departure. Photo courtesy of The Baxter Bulletin, Kevin Pieper, photographer.

“I am planning a Cancer Awareness trip in my small plane. I am a cancer victim and a cancer survivor. Everywhere I land I want to give a ride to a cancer victim. Every year too many people die needlessly from cancer. Early detection and treatment can prevent so many deaths.”  —  Jim Davis, April 11th, 2015

Trip Data:  
Delivery of the Savannah VGW kit 4/24/2009
Maiden flight and airworthiness certificate 3/3/2010
Total hours, 199
Miles (est.),  15,293
Landings, 178
Passengers, 47
Cost: $12,850
Time away from home: 92 days

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Check out this video with a tribute to Jim Davis….spoken by Minnesota Representative on the House floor in Washington, D.C….Tom Emmer ….
Hey….if you only watch one YouTube video a year….make it this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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