CFI List

Here’s a list of local CFIs that wish their contact & other pertinent information to be known. Displayed alphabetically by the last name. Please understand that we at BBP do not endorse any specific CFI or business activity.

  • Kevin Crawford – CFI, CFII, MEI
    [email protected]
    I can do about anything as far as flight training goes, Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Pinch-hitter courses (for spouses that want to know the basics in case of a problem in flight), etc. 
  • Norman Erickson – CFI
    870-449-6661    870-421-4847
    [email protected]
  • David Freeland – CFI, CFII, MEI,   –
    1,400+ Hours Dual Given
    [email protected]
    Flight instruction, Scenic Flights, Discovery Flights, Flight Reviews
  • Paul Guiley – ATP CFI, CFII, MEI, GIA
    Gold Seal Instructor
    7,000+ Instruction Hours Given
    [email protected]
  • Frank Maslakow  – CFI, CFII
    [email protected]
    Sport pilot through Instrument /  Commercial, coming soon MEI
  • Ronnie Smith – CFIS
    Sport Instructor Airplane
    Cotter, AR 72626
  • Joash Springfield – CFI, CFII, MEI
    [email protected]