About BBP

 Make no mistake about me….if you have ever flown solo in a jet powered aircraft, or rocket-powered spaceship, or piston-powered anything, or one of those helium-filled balloon airships/lawn-chairs, or anything with a parachute deployed not by emergency, or dream someday of flying solo in such  ………..  you are my friend and welcome in my shop.

  • The above statement launched BBP in September of 2010.
  • We meet every Tuesday at about 5:30 PM. Some come a little early. Most of the participants are members of the local EAA 775 Chapter.
  • In the summer of 2010, my new friend Larry Duncan encouraged me to have a get-together and we decided upon having it on Tuesday afternoons. At first it was a sporadic schedule, but Larry kept bugging me to keep on track…and eventually it became a routine for me and many others. If memory serves me correctly, 3-4 guys would show up in that first year, the second year about 7-10….now we regularly have over 20 to attend.
  • If your grand-kids are in town and want a ride or sit in the firetruck bring them over. Kids regularly attend BBP with their dads and grand-dads. Can you think of a better way to grow an aviator or aviatrix?
  • When I built the Zenith CH 750 rudder in the summer of 2010 it gave me the confidence with riveting to go ahead and buy the complete kit. For me this would be a steep learning curve and I didn’t want to go it alone. BBP friends really helped out of the years by moving wings, fuselage, and other heavy things. The technical help, tips, remake of parts I destroyed, and other helpful tidbits made the build go quite well. I will always be indebted to those who shared with me their time, talent and wisdom.
  • Veteran’s day is always a big day for everyone, so Vets always eat steak at no charge that week.
  • We eat primarily burgers, brats, beans and ice cream. This is a not-for-profit, non-profit, break-even effort. The guys generally put 2-4 dollars into the collection can depending upon how much they stuff into their mouths. I buy supplies from Town & County Supermarket in Mountain Home, because it’s very convenient for me and I like their meat department.
  • Some have asked for Betsy’s bean recipe….here’s a photo of the ingredients. She adds the whole contents of each container….with the exception of the bbq sauce. Click on the image for a clearer view.