The Thing

Breaking News! The designer/builder has now been located….more info to come.
Not much is know about the origins of “The Thing.” Here’s a brief description from the builder. It was given this name after much thought and consideration. The builder referred to it as a “training apparatus.” Click on the link to see it in action somewhere in Arkansas.

Copied from YouTube –
Uploaded on Jul 25, 2007 This was a project to create a machine that emulates the characteristics that a tail dragging aircraft has while on the ground. There are no wings yet. We believe this machine could be fitted with a set of wings and made to fly in ground effect. The hull was designed after the flying boats of the 19th century with a step to help it break free of the surface tension. Yes it is to go in the water with the help of outriggers and wing tip floats. This is a truly one of a kind machine, scratch build with no plans. It uses a Continental 35 hp engine and a 36 inch aluminum prop. It was a pre-build to prove my building skills before building a Marquart Charger MA-5 biplane. It will be on E-Bay later this week (listing begins Sunday, July 29 2007) for those interested in owning this unusual training apparatus. Search aircraft for TDT 2006


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