Missouri River Trip – Larry Duncan & Son

It started out being a Lewis and Clark Trail thing but slowly mutated. We had no problems at any airport. We would avoid North Platte Airport the next time. They did not have a loaner and did not have self service. They had a $5 landing fee. They did have a deal with a La Quinta for $20 off and the motel came and picked us up and dropped us off the next morning. Everywhere else had loaners that were very adequate. We would always top off the tank if it was full or put $5 in if it wasn’t. One airport asked for a donation. We overnighted at one airport. The manager said it was ok. They had wifi and comfy recliners. We slept like babies. We could have slept at other airports possibly but did not check. A lot of them have nice facilities including showers. Since we were not in large metro areas we could get nice motels for the mid $60’s except for in the Black Hills. Also, There are some reservation airports in those northern states. Everyone told us to avoid them. You would find you plane vandalized if you left it.
Larry Duncan

The link below will show the route of the flight with my son this past week. You can zoom in and out for detail. Clicking on each dot gives altitude and ground speed, time, etc.

It was a great time . Uneventful, except for having to wait and reroute for weather at times. The ADS-b was very valuable. I would not travel with out it again. Then again, I’ve been bounced around enough to last me for a long time. We got up to 8000’ to fly over the edge of Black Hills at 2500’ agl. It took 30 minutes to get there after taking off from 3900’ at Spearfish SD. The Alt Density was 5500’. The Ercoupe performed flawlessly. Total engine time was 24.6 hours for the trip. I have not calculated the miles or fuel burn yet.

(This is a database of en-route long/lats sent to APRS repeaters in real time by an Amateur Radio transmitter on-board)

Pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHskknmhWh

We landed and got fuel at:
Washington MO
Wahoo, NE
Marshall, MO
Cameron, MO
Beatrice, NE
North Platte, NE
Alliance, SD
Spearfish, SD
Chamberland, SD
Vermillion, SD
No fuel:
Miller, SD
Wall, SD
Nebraska City, NE