Disclaimer – 3/15/2017

Hello and welcome to Burgers Brats and Propwash (BBP) from Steve & Betsy Johnson. Whether you visit our property in Mountain Home, Arkansas, or our Website at BurgersBratsPropwash.com, or receive our weekly email, we must make these statements to protect both you and us. Your safety while viewing or visiting is our utmost goal and effort, and always will be.

First, we are just a “Maw and Paw” effort. Maw makes the beans every week and cleans the dishes, while Paw does most of the shopping for food and supplies. We’re not an aviation corporation or business….BBP is just an aviation-centered social gathering of guys and a few gals once a week for food and fellowship. We rely on volunteers to cook the food and clean up afterward. We strive to financially break even with bucks thrown into the donation barrel.

Second, a new airstrip has been completed south of our workshop/residence. It has been registered with the FAA as 76AR as a private airstrip with the owner’s permission required for use/landing. Until then and afterward please understand that you must have prior permission to land on this strip. We will grant permission for use but only if we’re sure the pilot has the appropriate airstrip information needed for making good decisions. Furthermore, we’re relying on HB1020, signed by Governor Beebe on February 13, 2013, to provide liability protection for this privately owned airstrip.

Third, with our Website or email, you will see a variety of items to include airplanes, parts, and aviation related things for sale by our friends. We (BBP) only publicize these things to help our friends….we DO NOT promote, advocate, verify or otherwise endorse their value or safety.

Fourth, with our Website or email, you may see friend’s projects and other endeavors such as flight instruction. While we help & assist our friends to publicize these efforts, we (BBP) DO NOT promote, advocate or otherwise endorse them or their value or safety. However, if they are officially endorsed and insured as an EAA event both locally and nationally we may distribute promotional materials.

Fifth, visitors to our shop/residence must understand that the area is an active workshop with power tools and other hazardous materials around. Visitors enter and participate at their own risk. Visitors are strongly encouraged to report hazards immediately so that a situation can be remedied quickly. Kids (boys & girls) are always welcome on the premises but must remain under a watchful eye of the parent/grandparent.

Sixth, The hamburger/bratwurst patties are cooked to your preference. Our master griller, Jungle Bob, will cook them to your satisfaction. However, we don’t recommend eating patties that aren’t cooked through and through. It’s the same warning you get from most eatin’ places.

Best wishes,
Steve & Betsy Johnson