Many wrote kind notes expressing their feelings toward Jim & his mission. Here’s a PDF file you may download/print.  (acknowledgments)
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Salutes – Acknowledgments
Compliments – Recognition
Passion Flights for Life

Kelsey, South Dakota
I had the honor of meeting one of the most courageous men in the world. He isn’t off fighting a war or running into burning houses, but is fighting a battle of his own; a battle that has lasted four times longer than it should. Jim Davis gave me an opportunity to see life from a different perspective: a look through His eyes.

When Kim H. called me and asked if I wanted to meet Jim and take a ride in his plane with him, I didn’t know what to expect, but I had already turned around on the interstate to start heading towards Sioux Falls before I even gave her an answer.  She told me, “He’s on a mission to fly with another cancer patient in all of the 48 states and unfortunately, Dustin Luebke can no longer do so, because he was recently re-diagnosed with cancer and is too sick to go up in the air. What do you think?

When I arrived at the Tea airport and was introduced to Jim and Dustin, I knew I was experiencing one of those “moments” in life that are so rare and precious, that you don’t want to forget a minute of it. From Jim’s confident stride to his handkerchief that he kept with him, I’ll cherish the stories he told and the impact he had on me forever. He spoke of God and how he knew that he was supposed to continue flying, along with why cancer is gifted to those who are strong enough to survive it. Most of all, we prayed. Unfortunately for some, myself included, faith is a difficult concept to grasp while seriously ill. I lost my way when diagnosed with cancer and found it difficult to find Him among the chaos of my ailments. I hadn’t prayed in years and sitting there that day with Jim, it felt GOOD. I’m not ashamed to say I cried when Jim, Dustin and I held hands and bowed our heads. People like Jim Davis and Dustin Luebke have that effect on people. Their positive attitudes and faith keep a room alive, along with their own selves it would seem.

While I wasn’t able to get up in the air with Jim that day due to good ol’ South Dakota weather, I like to believe that he’ll come back some day to take me up into the clouds. God knows he still owes me a ride! God Bless!

Natalie’s Mom, Heather, Mississippi
It would be an honor to have Natalie on the cover of your book. Yes you have my permission to use her picture and her story. Thank you. She was amazed to see the land and water. To be able to be in the sky above and see the whole city was awesome. That’s all I can remember her saying. Thank you again for the memories. Sometimes, I feel I didn’t show her enough but you gave her a wonderful experience and I thank you for that.

Coy, Georgia
It was good to meet you and fly with you. Another day that did not go as we planned, but as God planned. Thanks for the ride and for your mission! May the Lord always bless you and keep you in His will.

Brittany, South Carolina
Thank you for sharing your story with me. You are truly and inspiration. Thank you for letting God work through you. It was an amazing start to my Monday. Together we will all help you accomplish your goals. Thank you again for such a great experience. Your sister in Christ.

Resa, North Carolina
You are truly a gift from God!!! Thank you for what you did for me!!!

David, Farmville, Virginia
Hi Jim, I would be honored to have you use my picture in your book.  Thanks again for taking me flying when you visited Farmville earlier this year. I had an appointment with my Urologist this week and my PSA is holding at 0.01 so hopefully I have a few more years of flying time left. Happy Flying!

I would like you thank you for taking me flying when you visited Farmville this week.  I was amazed at how quickly your airplane gets off of the ground and how fast it climbs. I do wish the wind had settled so we would have had a smoother flight but otherwise it was perfect.  I hope you had safe flight to Winchester and beyond. Keep spreading the good word.

Cindy, Rhode Island
Jim is a wonderful man with a big heart full of love for people. His journey is dear to him, but means so much to the lives he touches. When I met with Jim, the first thing I noticed was his love for the Lord. He told of his battle and smiled through the whole thing. He has a positive attitude and is spreading the message about God’s love, comfort, and support through every battle. It was a confirmation of the love God poured out on me in my battle with cancer. The ride in the plane, that Jim built himself, gave me a perspective of the world I had not noticed before. Maybe because Jim flew with such confidence and assurance. I also saw a very frail man, who is still battling for his life. He has had many set-backs along the way, but that has not stopped his pursuit of fulfilling his dream of spreading God’s word and showing God’s love toward others. I am proud to have been able to join in Jim’s journey, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. He is a very dedicated soldier for God.

Mary Lou, Michigan
I was very impressed that Jim, a total stranger, now friend, would give two sisters with cancer a free airplane ride. I was so excited when we got buckled in and we began to ascend. My greatest thrill was when he flew us over my house and I was able to take pictures of our property.

Dear Jim, I think of you so often. Am glad to know you reached your goal of the 48 states. I started chemo five months ago. It appears that it is beginning to work and some of my blood counts are coming up. If it works then I will be on chemo indefinitely. I tolerate it quite well but have some difficult days. Anne tells me you are doing well. So glad. Looking forward to your book. Again, thank you so much for the ride. I’ll never forget it. I got some awesome pictures of our house. When we zoom in you can see my husband on the ground taking pictures of the plane. We have some good ones.

Ann, Michigan
Words can never express how I felt when Jim Davis came to Holland Michigan and gave rides in his purple plane. It was such a beautiful ride over the city. I was so enjoying my ride that I kept my camera in my lap and never took one picture while I was in the sky! Thank you, Jim Davis. I will never forget your thoughtfulness! God Bless.

Owen, Iowa
The plane ride meant a lot to me. I thought that it was so nice of you to give me this opportunity. I had never been on an airplane before then and I had a great time. It was a good way to have some fun after the year I had. Thank you.

Eldon, Mississippi
What you have done is wonderful for many reasons. First of all, you have directly blessed many cancer patients with your personal message of hope. You have been the voice of Jesus to these people. You also have been an inspiration to me and many others by your example. You could have been sitting in a chair feeling sorry for yourself, but instead you were doing what our Lord and Savior commands us to do. You were sharing His message with others who needed to hear it. I am proud to be your friend.

Mae, Nebraska
On Tuesday July 14, 2015 I was thrilled to be going to the airport to ride in the Purple Passion. On the other hand not sure what was required of me or what I was really expecting. At the airport I was introduced to Jim Davis, a tall gentle man. He was funny and had a heart of gold. As we walked outside to the plane I will admit I was nervous. I was not aware it was a two-seater. It was so tiny I didn’t know how we were going to get in, but we did. Up we went as gentle as the man driving. It was hard to hear and then we found out the radio wasn’t working. Yes I got a little more nervous. But then peace came over me as I looked at the beautiful blue sky above and the green grass beneath me. It made me feel so tiny but yet I knew God had a huge purpose for me. I think I was picked to go on this flight because I am a five time breast cancer survivor. I remember when I was young the C word meant death. I am here to say that is so wrong. We have come a long way with our fight but not a cure! We all need to continue to fight. Jim brought the plane down with ease, What a wonderful experience, Thanks again to the American Cancer Society and Jim Davis.

Pete, Minnesota
Jim’s commitment to sharing his story, and spreading the word about prevention and screenings were inspirational. I enjoyed my time with him flying over St. Cloud, Minnesota — and you could feel and absorb his passion for flying. He had a dream, and went after it. Awesome (and thanks Jim)!

Ron, California
I felt that the day we all met at E16 (South County Airport) was an amazing experience for all. Our connection to our Creator and the chance to share our own experiences was absolutely priceless. Even though the weight/balance was a problem, I know that Bob really enjoyed the fast taxi in your beautiful machine. Hope to see you again in the near future. Who knows, I just might make it to Arkansas one day to see you. It would be my second trip – with the first being about 70 years ago after a long train ride from Denver to see my Dad who was stationed in Little Rock getting ready to get shipped to the Philippines. And now I have a daughter-in-law who came to the U.S. from the Philippines.  Best wishes.

Kelly, Mississippi
Dear Jim, The quest you undertook to encourage other cancer patients or to touch young lives regarding flying was inspired & a lovely, wonderful task. I know I was blessed just getting to hear about it & read your progress as you flew to the different destinations! The pictures were fun & a great way to share the experiences with those of us in other parts of the world. I believe your experience along with your sweet encouragement given personally through your DVD or in person was meaningful to many! A book would reach more people & I pray you are successful in getting it all down & published! Perhaps you could get an agent who has a heart for cancer awareness and take them for a ride to bring it to a deeper understanding of what & how you did in your quest…God bless you & I look forward to hearing how the book is going.

Dave, Mississippi
As I watched the Purple Passion turn on base leg for runway 36 at Ocean Springs airport, I thought, what a great day for flying!
Jim and I have been friends for a long time. We met at Crossroads Church of the Nazarene in Gautier, Ms. It was always a pleasure to see him on Sunday mornings in the café for coffee and a doughnut. We would often talk of flying, a passion of both mine and his.

As he turned her on final approach I remembered all of the work Jim had put into building that plane. Truly, it was a labor of love. I was glad for the chance to help him out in small ways with it when more than two hands were needed for a phase of construction. I was there when she took her maiden flight with an instructor friend of Jim’s at the controls. I can only imagine the anxiety he felt, and I know how excited he must have been when the wheels left the runway for the first time, and then to see how well she flew.

I was to fly with Jim as soon as he was checked out in her and ready to fly passengers. I was excited since I too was a pilot who had not been at the controls in over twenty years. Things do not always work out as planned though. Between Jim’s moving schedule, and things in my life, he was in Arkansas before we could make that much anticipated flight. I didn’t give up, because he had promised it and I knew someday it would come to pass.
When I saw her float down the runway that beautiful morning I said to myself, what a wonderful and unselfish journey Jim has embarked on. Flying that many miles, dealing with weather conditions determining when you could fly and not the most comfortable plane for long flights took a real love for what he was doing. Flying with a cancer patient or a survivor in every state in and of itself was an enormous undertaking. But, trying to instill the love of his sport in youth, he wanted to take up a youngster in every state also.

As Jim exited his plane we greeted and of course talked of flying. It was good to hear how well the Purple Passion had performed on his journey so far. We continued to catch up on each other’s lives since we had last met, while waiting for Julia to arrive for her flight. Julia, a member of our church, was a recent cancer survivor. She had been through a tough bout with cancer, but had won the battle all the while giving thanks and praise to God.

Julia had made arrangements for another passenger for Jim, Natalie, a beautiful young high school student from Vancleave, MS. Natalie had brain cancer. She had lost her hair no doubt to the cancer treatment she was undergoing. When her mother helped her out of the car Jim caught sight of her and he became overwhelmed with emotion. He said to me, as his voice cracked, “I deserve to have cancer because of my smoking for so long, but that young lady does not.”

Julia was the first to ride with Jim. As they flew, the local news had sent a reporter to cover the story of Jim’s journey across the states. She was interviewing Natalie and her mother. I listened in and was touched by Natalie’s bubbling spirit in the face of her illness.

Julia and Jim touched down and then Natalie was secured in for her flight. While they were up Julia talked about how much she enjoyed her flight. When Natalie and Jim landed she talked of all she saw. The one thing that seemed to stand out to her was how many people had swimming pools, something more apparent when flying. Before Natalie and her mom left Jim prayed over Natalie as we gathered around her.

Julia is still singing praises to God at church each Sunday morning. Natalie lost her battle not too long after that day. The community and schools in Vancleave were deeply saddened at their loss, as was Jim when he heard the report of her passing.

After those two flights Jim asked if I was ready for my long promised flight. I was ready! We flew to St. Elmo, AL. landing for a short stop before continuing to Roy E. Ray field nearby for a fly in with homebuilt and other aircraft including many biplanes. While enroute Jim allowed me to take the controls. It felt so good to fly again after a long time being earthbound.
While taking in the variety of aircraft and watching them fly we found a woman who had a daughter that survived cancer. She contacted her and made arrangements for her to come to the airport and ride with Jim. Alabama would be checked off Jim’s list. While waiting for her he took a local youth up fulfilling his second goal in Alabama.

Later that afternoon we flew back to Ocean Springs and once again Jim allowed me to fly the Purple Passion. What a day! Jim stayed several days and visited with friends before continuing on with his journey. I am so glad he chose Ocean Springs as his Mississippi stop!
Thank you Jim, God bless you.

Carl, Mississippi
Well, was it a bird, or a plane, or….. yes it was a bird…. not a large bird but a small 2 seater coming in over the horizon from the West having left Louisiana earlier that morning. But this was not just an ordinary little plane, but one made at the hands of loving man whose life has been in the midst of the prayers by so many over the past couple of years as he fought the battle of cancer. To know this pilot, is to love him. He exudes love in his conversation, in his dedication and in his love for the young and old alike. This new venture he has announced is to touch lives in every State as he provides an opportunity for patients who might not ever have had, or maybe will never have, a chance to fly into the heavens and make wide circular swaths about their individual homes so as to let them see in some small way, what their heavenly Father sees as he watches us all from on high in his great smile for the young teen without a hair on her head, or the middle age lady just recovering from great surgery, or the Mexican fellow who is in the process of gaining his American citizenship, there’s Jim…. the non-judgmental, but warmly welcoming each rider as if it is his first time ever to take someone into the air. Carefully as a surgeon in the operating room, he instructs each passenger, and makes every effort to make them comfortable and secure. Then he again taxies, his little craft to the starting point of the flight line and throttles back and we observe as he passes, spends some time aloft, then circling back around the field upon his return, dipping his wings ever so slightly to acknowledge our grounded presence, and then sets his craft down. Huge smiles accompany each passenger as they alight from the “bird”, and an equally bright expression is on the pilot’s face. Jim Davis…. thank you for celebrating your survival of life-threatening illness, and your commitment to spend whatever time the Master allows, to serve in a special manner that almost none of us have the ability to do. If only, we would all take Jim’s lead and use whatever talent, however small, and use it to glorify our Lord Jesus. God Bless…. Fly safely my friend.

Julia, Mississippi
Jim, my friend,
What a day today was! Thank you!! 🙂
I know God’s hand was in it to touch Natalie’s life. Your words of encouragement to her were from heaven! You have and will touch so many lives. I love your heart. I know our Heavenly Father must be pleased. God bless and keep you always in all you do. Love, Julia

Leeann, California
Dear Jim, While I have not been a passenger in Purple Passion, and while I have been very blessed to not have cancer, I still was privileged to be a bit of a participant in your Passion Flights for life by being the recipient of a wonderful visit from you when you and Purple Passion were in San Jose, California. I was also fortunate to receive frequent emails from you throughout your trip. Because of this, I felt very close to your entire journey. You had dreamed of this trip for some time and then, when you learned were dealing with cancer — again— your dream began to morph into a plan with a very specific purpose. It was no longer just a guy’s desire to “conquer” flying to all the 48 contiguous states. Now it became a mission to make contact with a cancer victim at each location and offer them not only a ride in Purple Passion, but also encouragement to fight for their lives — and to be sure they knew the way to Eternal Life, as well. The trip took a tremendous amount of planning. The logistics were staggering, but you were a man with a mission! You set your focus on the goal and didn’t take your eyes off of it. You were working around financial challenges; you were faced with your own physical limitations and had to purchase a portable oxygen tank to be sure you could handle the higher elevations. You flew to so many places you’d never been before, knowing nobody in most locations. You ate at restaurants, usually alone, and stayed in motels. You faced multiple challenges: maintenance issues with your plane; loneliness; difficulty finding cancer patients; lots of problem weather. However, you continued to keep your focus on your goal and relentlessly kept to your plan as well as weather would allow. After completing your trip to the eastern part of the US, you went home to regroup and do some more planning. You barely made it home, for you were quite ill and required time to recover. Once recovered, there you were back in the air again, looking for cancer victims in every state, this time west of the Mississippi. Four months and four days after your initial departure, you triumphantly arrived back in your hometown. What a feat you accomplished! I don’t think you realized the magnitude of your vision, nor what it would take out of you to complete it. But complete it you did! You flew to every one of the 48 contiguous states! You flew cancer patients wherever you could find a willing passenger! You encouraged them and you witnessed to them about your faith, the faith that was helping you find the strength to carry on through your own battle with cancer. And guess what! The guy who completed this huge mission, who spent four months and four days flying and a lot more time before departing making all the plans and contacts, had a return medical appointment and was declared cancer free! In campaigning to save the lives of others, you were rewarded with new life yourself! Who knew that Passion Flights for Life would not only bring joy and inspiration to so many others, but also bring life back to you?

Susan, Arkansas
The greatest time ever in flight! Thank you so very much for the ride. You are awesome and I’ll remember this the rest of my life. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be the first of many and what it is going to help people to be aware of cancer. You are GREAT. I love you and may God bless you! Thanks again!

Bill, Louisiana
I know that I have met a great new friend today. I will treasure this day. You have become an inspiration to me in a very short time. I thank you for the deeds that you are doing for God each day. Wish we could have met many years ago. We would have become very close friends! I hope we can stay in contact in the future. God made our paths cross. It was not just coincidence! If you ever get through here again, please look me up. We will treat you so many ways that you are bound to like one of them! Remember, “health is wealth” and “less is more”. we all need to understand the difference between what we ‘need’ and what we ‘want’! I will remember this day forever. Love and hugs and may God bless you each day.

Justina, Illinois
Krzysztof’s passion for flight started at an early age, but not until more recently did he finally get his wings. After importing an Ekolot Topaz, a Light Sport Aircraft from Poland 2010, he began working toward earning his Light Sport Aircraft License. Shortly after, he successfully completed all necessary hours and passed the test. When he had any spare time, he was taking his family and friends up along with him. Flying for him has always been a relaxing, peaceful, and meaningful way to spend time with his loved ones. However he did not anticipate his log book would remain untouched for the long period of time that followed.

In March of 2014, Krzysztof was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma with an unknown origin. Following his speedy recovery from a neck dissection to remove the infected lymph nodes, he made his first flight from Illinois to Florida for the Sun and Fun Expo in Lakeland, Florida. This flight was very meaningful because it was not only his first significant solo flight across the U.S., but he also knew that once he returned back to Illinois, he would soon have to start his chemotherapy and radiation treatments. During his treatments, he knew that he would have to put his passion on hold. After he returned from Sun and Fun, he began daily radiation and multiple chemotherapy treatments over the course of 3 months. After what seemed like a never-ending battle, he began to slowly improve. With some anticipated bad days on the horizon, he slowly began to regain his strength. Krzysztof’s life was returning to his new normal. When he was finally off of his pain medications and was able to eat again, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was back up in the air.

After enduring a tormenting battle with cancer, Krzysztof and his family became much more aware of how many people in their lives were also impacted by cancer. They all had a better understanding of the challenges that come with the diagnosis. The Siuba family began to pay closer attention to any stories that came their way that would have insight as to the new normal.

In May of 2015, Krzysztof came across an article about Jim Davis, another pilot diagnosed with cancer who was making a journey across the U.S. to inspire other cancer patients and survivors. After sharing it with his daughter, she reached out to the author of the article to attempt to get into contact with Jim.

Shortly after, Rich Harbert sent her contact information along to Jim. After corresponding for about three months, Jim was ready to fly through Illinois to continue on his journey across the U.S.

In late August of 2015, Jim flew to DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport in Illinois. When he arrived, he was greeted by the Krzysztof and his EAA Chapter, #241. As a slight turn of events, rather than Jim taking Krzysztof up for a survivor flight like he had been doing on his cross-country trip, Krzysztof offered to take Jim on his own survivor flight. Krzysztof loves sharing his passion for flight with others and knows firsthand how tiring the combination of flying and cancer treatments can be. This flight meant a lot to him because he knew how exhausting cancer treatments are and he wanted to provide an opportunity for Jim to sit back, relax and enjoy a flight around northern Illinois. Krzysztof had many concerns when he was sick about when he would be able to fly again and being able to return to flying; the opportunity to share his love of flight with Jim made a lasting memory.

Scheridan Penrod, Independence Kansas.
I was chosen to get to go on a flight with Mr Jim Davis. His plane was purple. I was not afraid. Mr, Davis let me take 2 of my friends, Kitty and Mr. Mustache. We all had fun. Mr. Davis had me put headphone like thing on my head, and it had a microphone on it too. I did not talk loud enough though, so he could not understand me. We flew so high that I felt I could touch the sky. The buildings became small and the people looked like dolls. Everything looked like toys. We flew over my house and my Grandma’s house. We flew over our whole town.

I was surprised by all the controls in the plane. When we were in the air, I felt like flying geese. While I was waiting I was given a shirt and I really like it. Thank you so very much for everything.
I want my own plane now.

Tim Brion, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Inspirational! I feel lucky and blessed to have been able to meet and share in your mission. This experience will make me a better person. God Bless you Jim and keep on doing!

Mrs. Roy Rogers, Arkansas
Mr. Jim Davis, We were so inspired and blessed by the article that was in the Baxter Newspaper. You see, my husband Roy Rogers, Sr. is a cancer survivor as well. He was diagnosed in 2010 with pancreatic cancer and had 2 months to live. He would like to send you a copy of his testimony to what the good Lord did for him. We can send you a copy or you can call him personally 870 458 2538. We live in Elizabeth, AR. Thank you for your time and God bless

Arkansas Aeronautical Commission Recognition
One day I received a phone call from a lady with the Arkansas Aeronautical Commission. I wondered if I had inadvertently broken some  aviation rule, or busted some class of airspace.  She said no, that they would like for me to attend the next Board meeting of the commission. My State Representative, Joe Jett (also a pilot) wanted to present me with a Citation.

I drove to Little Rock and entered the room filled with about 30 people. They were board members there to discuss state airport business. Also in attendance was Nelda Speaks and Joe Jett, both state representatives. Mr Jett took the floor and read the citation, then presented me with a framed copy on official letterhead. Then to my surprise, he opened a box which held a flag folded, yet I could see that it was ‘Old Glory’, the flag I had served and defended for 7 years while in the US Navy. He explained that this particular flag had flown over the state capitol that morning and was lowered, folded and brought to the meeting to be presented to me. It had a certificate of authenticity.

Kay Groce, Arkansas
Jim Davis, Your message “even if you’re dying, you don’t have to quit living” is still building castles in the air…passionate purple castles!

There are a number of people who would be delighted to meet you, chief among them being Rep. Joe Jett of Success, AR who is also a pilot and shares your passion for flying. Rep. Jett has an Arkansas House of Representatives Resolution that he would like to present to you personally at the Commission Meeting of the Arkansas Aeronautics Commission on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, at 10:30 am.

Please let me know if your calendar is clear and will allow you to come. The Meeting is held in the Arkansas State Police Conference Room that is attached to the office of the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics, located at 2315 Crisp Drive, Hangar 8, Little Rock. It can be difficult to find, I can explain in greater detail if you would like.

I look forward to your response. I hope you will be able to come. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can put your name on the Agenda.
Kay Groce, Arkansas Dept of Aeronautics, Executive Assistant to the Director

Duane, Arkansas
My whole life I’ve been blessed with the gift of being an artist. Some people are good at mechanical feats, some have great mathematical minds, and some are in the healing profession. I’ve always found the differences in ways in which God creates individuals totally unique persons, unlike anyone else to be one of the great testaments of His great design and desire for man to find his perfect will in doing the task of life. It’s only these individuals that truly accomplish life to its fullest. They are in lock step with the mission God has asked them to do. These men are rare. Jim Davis is such a man. I didn’t know Jim’s story until I heard a testimony of the accounts of his life and the task God had laid on his heart and mind. When faced with the reality of imminent death, and don’t we all have that sentence?, some people get real, real quick. Jim Davis met with God and God met with him. When a holy God who holds our very hand impresses on us his Holy Spirit, it can be both life changing and life giving. Jim Davis was given more life. As I sat in tears and the reality that I was surrounded by people spellbound by a remarkable story of one man totally in tune with life and it’s very simple story, “let God lead”, I felt the Spritof God strongly impress upon me and challenge me through Jim’s story. Because Jim is humble, I see him easily tear up and know the man is sensitive to His Spirit, and that is the compass of his heart. Good art comes from inspiration. I left that service fully inspired.
Not long ago God and I had our alone time out on one of my favorite vistas above the Buffalo River. He made it clear to me that He had placed a brush in my hand and how was I using it and other talents for His glory and kingdom building? I had to paint this painting!

I’ve never done an aerial perspective like this before and knew it presented some compositional challenges. I re-read Jim’s story and painted fully, charged with the same feelings I had in the service. I’ve always been intrigued when I fly, especially over the heartland and farm country of our great nation. The geometric patterns quilted in with the natural flow of river drainage and land too stubborn or rugged to be plowed make for some inspiring shapes and textures that appeal to my artistic eye. I painted boldly and focused. I had a clear image in my head along with the photos of Jim’s plane as I imagined his awesome adventure and what he must have felt on his return trip coming home across the Great Divide of the West and entering the High Plains region. They’ve been called the fly over states by ones unfamiliar with the pace of life and conservative voice we unashamedly share through our faith here where we call home. The final leg of his journey brought him back to the Ozarks, the Bible belt, to a people who love him and sent their prayers along with him. The shadow of the plane is a cross symbolic of Jim’s life being in sync and guided by the Lord himself. I placed the viewer above the scene to give the feeling that you were with him, and you were! You’re prayers went with him and gave him life as he gave life and hope to others. I thank God he brought Jim Davis into my life. He truly experienced Isaiah 40:31.

Congressman Tom Emmert (MN) – Taken from YouTube
On September 10, 2015 Congressman Tom Emmert (MN-06) spoke on the House Floor to thank and honor Jim Davis for all that he has done to help those affected by cancer.

“Mr. Speaker I rise today to recognize Jim Davis for all that he has done to help those affected by cancer. Over the past four months, Jim has flown throughout the continental United States and given free plane rides to cancer survivors and patients. By sharing his passion for flying Jim has brought comfort and everlasting memories to these individuals in their time of need. What truly is amazing about Jim’s story is that he is going through a similar situation as the people he is helping. After being diagnosed with liver cancer and given just nine months to live, Jim decided that he wasn’t going to give up; instead he made it his mission to help others affected by this terrible disease. Jim has said, “Some people get a cancer diagnosis and just sit and wait to die….not me, I want to live. Cancer patients live until the day you die.”

Jim, I want to thank you for your amazing acts of kindness, and I’m in awe of your positive attitude and capacity for helping others.”

Randy Lawrence, Minnesota
Hey, it me Randy. The guy you flew up in the plane with in Minnesota. I knew it was going to be great because when I heard about you I was at home with my best friend Kelton and having a good time and then my mom came in my room told me to sit down, like something bad just happened. In fact she turned from sad to happy just to have a bit of fun with me. She told me your story about what happened with you. I think your the real survivor, you had to go through all of that stuff and was still looking on the bright side of everything and making other survivors look on the bright side of stuff to. I’ve always look on the bright side, even through all the stuff I had happened just like you too. I think your a really good guy for what your doing and I thank you for it. You made everyone so happy! I really appreciate that you took your time and effort to meet me and everyone else. I hope you have a good Christmas and New Years too. Thanks

Pete Hanson, DJ from St. Cloud
Jim’s commitment to sharing his story, and spreading the word about prevention and screenings were inspirational. I enjoyed my time with him flying over St. Cloud, Minnesota — and you could feel and absorb his passion for flying. He had a dream, and went after it. Awesome (and thanks Jim)!\