Snow Shoes

Snow Shoes  ------    Click image for a larger/sharper copy

Snow Shoes ——- Click image for a larger/sharper copy 


Here’s just four pair of snow shoes from our collection of about ten.  Over ten years ago, I opened an Ebay account for the purpose of buying some snow shoes. Out son lived in Alaska and we had driven the Alcan Highway but didn’t want to pay the high price tourists pay for these. So, I tried out my new Ebay account by bidding on 11+ pair.  I set a reasonable amount (~$75) for the most I would pay, hoping that I would win at least one or two pair.  Well……………. I won every auction!  Over the next week or so, the postman, made the comment after bringing 7-8 pair to our door.  “Wow….I’m going home after deliveries today and start chopping more wood for winter this year!”